• 8th International Conference


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    EHEDG : Food Factory partner

    To mark the 10 years of the French section, EHEDG will be honored at the gala dinner.

    EHEDG France will organize an SME workshop on “Safe Food Factory”.

    SAFE Event 2016

    Safe Food for the Future

    On Friday morning, the SAFE Consortium will organize a workshop.

  • Conference

    The speakers' presentations of Food Factory 2016 are available

    (Scientific Conference and SMEs Workshops)


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    Food Factory is a major European event on the Food Factory for the Future

    gathering the scientific community and companies of the Food chain.

    This event is an opportunity for meetings between researchers and industrial

    in view of collaboration and technology transfer.

    Industrialists, initiate R&D projects with scientists.

    Scientists, collaborate with industries and find new R&D subjects.



    Scientific conferences

    Four consecutive thematic sessions (Simultaneous French / English translation).

    Detailed programme

    SMEs Workshops

    3 half- days dedicated to SMEs to discover the innovations and exemplary testimonials of SMEs in the field (in French).

    Detailed programme

    SAFE Event 2016

    Workshop on food safety organized by the European consortium SAFE (in English)

    Detailed programme

    Food Factory Dating

    One-to-one meetings (scheduled in advance) in the context of industrial development and R&D.

    Poster Sessions and Forum

    dedicated to scientific poster presentations.

  • Food Factory Dating

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        • Scientific Conference

          Food Factory 2016 is an international scientific conference, multidisciplinary, and oriented towards industrial applications.

          It will take place in four successive thematic sessions :

          New Food Factory

          Designing new food processes, safe, hygienic, ergonomic, etc.

          Chairman : Fredrik Innings (University of Lund / Tetra Pak, SE)

          Safe Food Factory

          Controlling microbial and chemical food safety, cleaning technologies, etc.

          Chairman : John Holah (Holchem Laboratories, UK)

          Green Food Factory

          Reducing ecological footprint of the food processes, energy saving, waste reduction, short circuits from farm to fork, etc.

          Chairman : Alain Le Bail (Oniris, FR)

          Smart Food Factory

          Process control and automation, robots, numerical technologies, etc.

          Chairman : Volker Heinz (DIL, DE)

        • Scientific Conference Program


          (simultaneous French / English translation)


          FEW EXAMPLES

          Session 1 : New Food Factory

          Alberto Gonzalez-Jordan, IMMM, University of Maine, France.

          Effect of Particle Morphology and Interaction on the Stabilization of Water/Water Emulsions by Protein Particles.

          Session 2 : Safe Food Factory

          Debra Smith, Vikan A/S, Denmark.

          The future of food industry brushware – a matter of hygienic design


          Session 3 : Green Food Factory

          Xavier Felipe, Irta, Spain.

          Use of solar thermal energy, up to 160 ºC, for the sterilization and spray drying of milk

          Session 4 : Smart Food Factory

          Giuseppe Avventuroso, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Parma, Italy

          Automated pilot plant for mass-customized chocolate 3D-printing production : an applied study.

        • SMEs Workshops Program


          (in French)


          FEW EXAMPLES

          Session 1 : New & Smart Food Factory

          Jean-Sébastien Tamisier, director of HPP Atlantique (Nantes,44) and Frédérique Duranton, CTCPA

          A joint venture for the development and production of cold pasteurization by high pressure

          Session 2 : Green Food Factory

          - Guillaume Chopin, CCO, Fromagerie Bio du Maine (Entrammes, Mayenne, FR)
          - Olivier Racaud, CEO. Slaughterhouse of Gévaudan (Antrenas, Lozère, FR)

          Food Factories rooted in their terroir. Quality labels and short circuits

          Session 3 : Safe Food Factory

          Anne Woerth (Mars Chocolat, France)

          Hygienic design of transport tanks for bulk foodstuffs

        • The SAFE Consortium Program

          SAFE FOOD FOR THE FUTURE - Friday Oct. 21

          Introduction to the workshop. Begoña Pérez Villarreal, Chair of the SAFE Executive Board
          Keynote : Felix Mittermayer, DG Health and Food Safety

          • Safe Food for the Future from SAFE consortium members

          1. Microbes: Pathogen pilot plant – cooking up the most dangerous food to ensure food safety.
          Askild Holck, Nofima Norway


          2. Chemicals: New tools for the assessment of emerging contaminants in seafood. A case study:
          perfluorinated compounds.
          Alex Barranco, AZTI Spain


          3. Improving and ensuring food safety in the circular economy. Oddur M. Gunnarsson, Matis Iceland


          4. New Technologies: Use of chitinolytic enzymes to improve the shelf life of chestnut fruits during
          Michelina Ruocco, CNR-IPSP Italy


          5. Keeping consumer interests and legislation relevant for holistic food safety policies. Kofitsyo
          Cudjoe, NVI Norway

          • Safe Food for the Future from Stakeholders

          1. Consumer view. Mark Lohmann, BfR Germany
          2. Industry view. John O’Brien, Nestlé Switzerland
          Discussion and conclusions

        • They registered

          Abjean Jean-Pierre, Anses, France

          Amunazo Shindano Sarah, UNIKIN, Democratic Republic of Congo

          Andersen Veslemøy, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), Austria

          Arhaliass Abdellah, GEPEA UMR CNRS 6144 Université de Nantes, France

          Auer Michel, LACTALIS, France

          Aviles Carlos, Air Liquide, France

          Avventuroso Giuseppe, University of Parma, Italy

          Aziani Driss, Lactalis, France

          Balberde Jean-Philippe, Valorial, France

          BarEirin, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, Norway

          Baradji Mariam, DIRECTION NATIONAL DE L'AGRICULTURE, France

          Barberot Benjamin, Europlastiques, France

          Barraza Harry, Arla Foods, Denmark

          Basnet Pratap, B.C Poultery Suppliers, Nepal

          Benoit Héloïse, Heloise benoit, France

          Billet Erwan, HYDIAC, France

          Bindal Shruti, University of Delhi, India

          Bogiraud Chrystel, EAST BALT BAKERIES, France

          Briallon Nadine, 3Desserts Graphiques, France

          Bridier Arnaud, ANSES, France

          Camille Lamarche, ITHPP, France

          Carli-Basset Thierry, TECNAL, France

          Cassanelli Mattia, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

          Castellani Oscar, Cap Aliment, France

          Cérou Marjolaine, PROCESS ALIMENTAIRE, France

          Chaperon David, SANITIZED, France

          Cheio de Oliveira Jose, VMI, France

          Chevalier Maxime, PCM Technologies S.A.S, France

          Chibouti Nadia, Invest in Western France, France

          Chomel Nicolas, Laval Mayenne Technopole, France

          Chong-Tai Kim, Korea Food Research Institute, Republic of Korea.

          Chopin Guillaume,Fromagerie Bio du Maine, France

          Coignard Muriel, LABORATOIRE MICROSEPT, France

          Cosson Arnaud, HRV, France

          Cousteix Patrick, B2M, France

          Cudjoe Kofitsyo, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway

          De Langhe Francis, Holvia Porc, France

          Derrien Arnaud, STAUBLI, France

          Diakite Aliou Badra, MINISTERE AGRICOLE, France

          Docquier Thierry, TECNAL, France

          Duranton Frédérique, CTCPA, France

          Eklund-Jonsson Charlotte, SP Food & Bioscience, Sweden

          El Janati Salwa, Lactalis, France

          Esbelin Julia, INRA, France

          Ezekwueche Emeka Madu, Akumjum Global Limited, Norway

          Felipe Xavier, IRTA, Spain

          Firmesse Olivier, ANSES Laboratoire de sécurité des aliments, France

          Flynn Katherine, SAFE consortium, France

          Gandega Bakary, DIRECTION NATIONAL DE L'AGRICULTURE, France

          Gere Denis, Fromagerie Bio du Maine, France

          Gesan-Guiziou Genevieve, INRA, France

          Goepfert Christophe, ITHPP, France

          Gonzalez Jordan Alberto, Universite du Maine, France

          Goode Kylee, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

          Gueguen Delphine, Group Supply and Support, France

          Gunnarsson Oddur, Matis, Iceland

          Guyon Claire, ONIRIS, France

          Guyot Stéphane, UMR PAM (Université de Bourgogne), France

          Hébraud Michel, INRA, France

          Hegelund Henrik, Vikan A/S, United Kingdom

          Heinz Volker, Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V., Germany

          Heitz Dominique, Irstea, France

          Hermon Christophe, CTCPA, France

          Holah John, Holchem, United Kingdom

          Holck Askild, Nofima, Norway

          Innings Fredrik, Tetra Pak Processing Systems, Sweden

          Issoufou Ibrahim Ali, Nestlé Niger.sa, Nigeria

          Jorundsdottir Hronn, Matis, Iceland

          Josefsberg Ludvig, EHEDG, Netherlands

          Kamagate Aminata, EBURNIE-DISTRI SERVICES, France

          Kharlamova Anna, Université du Maine, France


          Lafon Puyo Bérangère, Laboratoires Anios, France

          Latron Christophe, LACTALIS, France

          Le-Bail Alain, ONIRIS-UMR GEPEA, France

          Legrand Arnaud, Energiency, France

          Legrand Jack, GEPEA UMR CNRS 6144, France

          Lelieveld Huub, Global Harmonization Initiative, Austria

          Lemechko Pierre, Université de Bretagne Sud, France

          Lorenzen Knuth, EHEDG, Netherlands

          Lorrilliere Simon, BROSSERIE BRENET, France

          Lutellier Emmanuel, HUBERT METAL, France

          Maribe Laurence, Endress+Hauser, France

          Miegeville Eric, Endress+hauser, France

          Misimi Ekrem, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, Norway

          Moerman Frank, Catholic University of Leuven - KU Leuven, Belgium

          Moreau Valerie, LAVAL MAYENNE TECHNOPOLE, France

          Moretti Antonio, Institute of Sciences of Food Production - CNR, Italy

          Mukola Mukeba Bobette, University of kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

          Mulligan Conor, Delta Print & Packaging, United Kingdom

          Næs Helga, Nofima - Norwegian Institute og food, fisheries and aquaculture, Norway

          Nassy Gilles, IFIP institut du Porc, France

          Nogrix François, Laval Mayenne Technopole, France

          Noguera Claire, DIRECCTE PAYSDL, France

          Norman Jake, OAL, United Kingdom

          O'Brien John, Nestec Ltd, Nestle Research Center, Swiss

          Olivier Racaud, SEML ABATTOIRS DU GEVAUDAN, France

          Östergren Karin, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden

          Overney Anaïs, ANSES Laboratoire de sécurité des aliments, France

          Øye Elling Ruud, SINTEF Fisheries and aquaculture, Norway

          Passot Stephanie, AgroParisTech, INRA, France

          Perache Ghislain, Festo France, France

          Perrot Jean-Luc, VALORIAL, France

          Peslier Florine, Laval Mayenne Technopole, France

          Picoche Bernard, ACTALIA, France

          Piffre Gaetan, PIC ASSIETTE, France

          Pissavin Christine, IUT de Saint-Brieuc, France

          Poisson Laurent, Université du Maine - IUT de Laval, France

          Pottier Laurence, ONIRIS, France

          Prévost Hervé, Oniris-INRA, France

          Quemper Nguyen Danièle, Fédération Française de la BROSSERIE, France

          Quignon Marie-Dominique, MARIE SAS, France

          Renaud Anne-Céline, VITAGORA, France

          Renault Jacques, JBG Consultants, France

          Reynier Cedric, Vikan A/S, United Kingdom

          Rolland Jacques, PUREZONE, France

          Rondouin Olivier, DOCEOR, France

          Rossi Nicolas, ACTALIA, France

          Roussel Arnaud, EXTRUFLEX, France

          Ruocco Michelina, CNR-IPSP, Italy

          Sibold Nathalie, HEXIS, France

          Slimani Kahina, Anses - Laboratoire de Fougères, France

          Smith Debra, Vikan, United Kingdom

          Sodipe Tunde, Teaching and Research Farm, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

          Soulard Gerard,FLEURY MICHON, France

          Soumet Christophe, ANSES, France

          Sterritt Ian, Martec of Whitwell Ltd, United Kingdom

          Tamang Sunil, Support Umbrella Nepal, Nepal

          Tan Juzhong, University of Georgia, Georgia

          Travier Christian, Laval Mayenne Technopole, France

          Treborden Guénolé, ANACT, France

          Tripodi Ernesto, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

          Van der Wal-Hendriks, Anoek, Mars Chocolate Nederlands, Netherlands

          Voyatzakis Ariane, Bpifrance, France

          Wiczkowski Wieslaw, Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

          Wiernasz Norman, Oniris-Ifremer, France

          Wisniewski Pawel, GSDI, France

          Woerth Anne, MARS Chocolat France, France

          Wold Jens Petter, Nofima, Norway

          Wyns Julie, LIS France, France

        • Scientific committee

          The scientific committee is composed of researchers and industrial people, selected for their expertise in the themes of the conference and their involvement in the project.

          Committee members are :

          President : Karin Östergren (SP, SW)

          Secretary : Laurent Poisson, (IUT Laval / University of Maine)


          Session 1 : New Food Factory

          Chairman : Fredrik Innings (University of Lund / Tetra Pak, SE)

          Other members :

          Harry J. Barraza (Arla Foods, DK)

          Christophe Latron (Lactalis, FR)

          Jack Legrand (GEPEA, FR)

          Erik Van der Linden (Wageningen University, NL)

          Marie-Dominique Quignon (Marie SAS, FR)

          Session 2 : Safe Food Factory

          Chairman : John Holah (Holchem Laboratories, UK)

          Other members :

          Katherine Flynn (SAFE Consortium, BE)

          Matilda Freund (Mondelez International, SZ)

          Josiane Herault, (IUT Laval / University of Maine)

          Christophe Hermon (CTCPA, FR)

          Huub Lelieveld, (Past President EFFoST, NL)

          John O'Brien (Nestle Research Centre, SZ)

          Christine Pissavin (University of Rennes, IUT of St-Brieuc, FR)

          Debra Smith (Vikan, UK)

          Session 3 : Green Food Factory

          Chairman : Alain Le Bail (Oniris, FR)

          Other members :

          Fabrice Bosque (ITERG, FR)

          Huug De Vries (INRA Montpellier, FR)

          Ben Langelaan (Wageningen University, NL)

          Ludovic Montastruc (ENSIACET, FR)

          Karin Östergren (SP, SW)

          Session 4 : Smart Food Factory

          Chairman : Volker Heinz (DIL, DE)

          Other members :

          Lilia Ahrné (University of Copenhagen, DK)

          Alain Bernard (IRCCyN - École Centrale de Nantes, FR)

          Giampaolo Betta (University of Parma, IT)

          Lionel Boillereaux (ONIRIS, FR)

          Dietrich Knorr (EFFOST President, DE)

        • Contact

          Nicolas CHOMEL

          Project manager - Main Contact

          LMT - France


          +33 243 49 75 24

          Karin Östergren

          Chair of the scientific committee

          SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

          François NOGRIX

          Chair of the organizing committee

          LMT - France


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